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Build the perfect exam.

The common and challenging struggle nowadays is to create an engaging online exam. GEERD helps you create your exams with ease. All you need to do is to pick the subject of the test and let us take you on a joyful journey. Our wide range of questions’ types will without any doubt answer all your needs. Trust us and make your exams’ period less stressful and more fun.


In an era where remote learning and examination is crucial, online invigilating turns out to be of a major importance. With our proctoring service we ensure the authenticity of each test-taker. While having an online exam our proctoring software is used to detect any potential cheating or outside help. Do not worry, GEERD has it all sorted out!

Save tons of time on grading & analytics.

You took your exams and you’re having a hard time grading all those endless sheets? The deadline of submission is around the corner and you need the grades ? Well you have more than that a rich feedback with statistics and reports that highlight students’ achievement rate, strengths and weaknesses, progress reports etc in the blink of an eye.

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