PFE Internship - Backend Developer

At GEERD, we bring together our expertise in education technology with a customer-centric approach to create tailored solutions for our customers.

We have products for online assessments, knowledge-sharing, learning management systems and more...

As a backend developer intern, you will contribute to enhancing resiliency as well as adding features to our backend microservices.

What you will work on:

  • Testing our backend services at scale and improving their availability.
  • Looking for ways to improve security and resiliency.
  • Creating a service to capture KPIs from user events and others.

What we are looking for: 

  • You can quickly get up to speed with our existing codebase.
  • You take pride in what you create and passionate about getting the details right, even when no one's looking.
  • You are able to weigh tradeoffs, articulate complex ideas, and have precision about what you know and don't know.
  • You enjoy staying on top of tech trends and hacking new things.
  • Experience with NodeJS is a plus.
  • Knowledge of orchestration tools such as Kubernetes is a plus.


  • Flexible time off (take the time you need) and hybrid working model (own your time)
  • Paid internship

Feel free to share with us your portfolio or exciting projects you work on previously.

Vous pouvez joindre votre CV et nous écrire brièvement ce qui vous motive et vous passionne

Hello! I am Zineb, and I am currently a 3rd year engineering student at INPT. Last summer, i had the chance to spend two months as a software engineer intern at GEERD and I could not have asked for a better internship experience to build a foundation for my career! I got to learn a lot of technical knowledge and gain valuable hands-on experience through my engagements. I really liked how interns are treated just like other team members and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks in order to successfully integrate into professional life! My biggest takeaway would be the new connections which I had forged with the team members and fellow interns as I had the chance to collaborate with them throughout my internship for different missions.

Zineb Zoufir Software developer intern at GEERD in 2022

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