Don't hold yourself back anymore &
Speak UP!

How do you see yourself in a room full of people speaking a language that you can barely understand, not being able to fully interact with them because of language and personal barriers! Do you want to be part of that conversation without anything holding you back?
Well, our E-learning platform is here to not only make you a part of that conversation but to lead it. Our E-learning platfrom responds to all your linguistic needs and empowers you to present yourself as a fluent foreign language speaker. Our tailor-made courses enable you to practice your language wherever you are.

Writing scares you?
we got you covered

Our E-learning platform is not only here to make you a better speaker but to be a confident writer as well. Do not wait until you have to write something, it is time for you to start writing what once sounded challenging or boring and enjoy the endeavor.
Are you are unable to speak your mind in the way you wish to? We can do it together thanks to our advanced AI technology that helps you improve the readability of your essays.

AI powered writing mentor

Eliminate embarrassing grammar errors

Responsive web app

Are you motivated to learn languages but you always find yourself with the wrong device? No more excuses, GEERD is desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly.
Wherever you are, whenever you want, whatever device you are holding can do the job. All you need is to take the first step and press a button and boom your adventure will begin.